Omnichannel selling solution

We build a software solution that helps sellers to easily automate and manage sales activities on the online channel. The most special thing about our solution is that most of the software modules are pre-built so that the seller can save the initial investment cost, but we can also provide custom construction services. tailored to the individual requirements of each vendor. Helping sellers to simultaneously achieve two goals: saving costs and ensuring efficient system operation.

Modules are already built

Centralized product management
Product listing information is stored centrally in one place and automatically synced to sales channels.
Centralized order management
Orders on the website, orders created from social networks, and e-commerce platforms are all concentrated in one place for easy processing and aggregation.
Centralized customer management
Customer information is stored uniformly by the system, making it easy to look up customers' purchase history across multiple channels.
Flexible promotional tools
Quickly create promotions or discount codes to increase revenue on omnichannel quickly.
Transport unit integration on demand
You are completely free to choose your carrier and we will make the integration easy for you.
Payment gateway integration
Fully integrated payment gateways so that customers can pay with e-wallets, credit cards, and domestic cards.
Full-featured online store website
Customers can search, view products, contact advice, order, and pay.
Comprehensive reporting system
Design and build sales, inventory, and financial reports according to the needs of managers.

Not an annual paid software, but a complete solution that is "tailored" to the needs of the business.

We understand that every business has its own challenges. Thanks to our extensive experience serving businesses we follow a proven process to create a "solution blueprint" for each client. We work with all stakeholders to create innovative solutions that allow you to optimize and scale your operations. Once we create the blueprint, we conduct operational failure analysis and comprehensive training so that customers get the most out of the product.

Service deployment process

Stage UP Studio Client & Partner
Step 1: Discuss project needs
  • Ready to receive information from customers
  • Ask a few questions to find out more about your needs
  • Click here and leave us a message
  • Support provide more information about the project when we get back to you to learn more
Step 2: Consult solution
  • Introducing the modules that will be deployed to customers
  • Modules need further development to meet requirements
  • Quotation of total contract value
  • Framework contract and contract terms exchange
  • Agree on the implementation plan
  • Pay 30% of the contract value and sign the contract
Step 3: Execute the project
  • Build solutions according to the agreed content
  • Get weekly project progress reports
Step 4: Test
  • Prepare test scenarios
  • Test execution
  • Fix bugs during testing
  • Arrange personnel with UP Studio to test software tasks
  • Payment 40% of contract value
Step 5: Handover
  • Software configuration on customer's real environment
  • Re-execute test scenarios on real environment
  • Arrange personnel with UP Studio to re-implement the testing task in the real environment
  • Product acceptance confirmation
  • Pay 30% of the contract value
Step 6: Maintenance (may or may not be)
  • Perform maintenance requests arising from customers
  • Depending on the needs of the customer, you can sign an addendum for product maintenance