Coporate Website

For newly established businesses or businesses that have been operating for a long time but have not invested much in identification on the Internet environment, the website is an ideal place to introduce information about products, services, information. company, helping customers, partners and investors easily find out information about the business. From there, increase the conversion rate of new customers and promote investment and production activities.

Modules are already built

Manage news articles
Easily add, delete, edit new articles related to updated information from the business.
Optimizing SEO ready
The website has been optimized for SEO from the very beginning, making it easy to appear on search pages.

Service deployment process

Stage UP Studio Client & Partner
Step 1: Discuss project needs
  • Ready to receive information from customers
  • Ask a few questions to find out more about your needs
  • Click here and leave us a message
  • Support provide more information about the project when we get back to you to learn more
Step 2: Consult solution
  • Introducing the modules that will be deployed to customers
  • Modules need further development to meet requirements
  • Quotation of total contract value
  • Framework contract and contract terms exchange
  • Agree on the implementation plan
  • Pay 30% of the contract value and sign the contract
Step 3: Start design
  • Based on the agreed features, perform the interface design of the screens and describe the interaction details on each screen.
  • Arrange staff to give feedback and suggestions on the interface of each batch of finished products from UP Studio.
Step 4: Programming
  • Build solutions according to the agreed content
  • Get weekly project progress reports.
Step 5: Test
  • Prepare test scenarios
  • Test execution
  • Fix bugs during testing
  • Arrange personnel with UP Studio to test software tasks
  • Payment 40% of contract value
Step 6: Handover
  • Software configuration on customer's real environment
  • Re-execute test scenarios on real environment
  • Arrange personnel with UP Studio to re-implement the testing task in the real environment
  • Product acceptance confirmation
  • Pay 30% of the contract value
Step 7: Maintenance (may or may not be)
  • Perform maintenance requests arising from customers
  • Depending on the needs of the customer, you can sign an addendum for product maintenance